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 305 E. Locust Street, DeKalb, IL 60115     Phone: 815-758-4690     Fax: 815-758-0320     Home Banking:  1-888-461-0017

Privacy Act

Equal Housing Lender

Monthly statement mailed (Senior club FREE): $5.00 monthly                             


Deposited checks returned unpaid:  $30.00
Account balancing assistance (per hour):$10.00
Copy of statement: $5.00
Dormant account fee QTRLY (after 1year of no activity): $10.00
ACH-Notice of Change: $5.00
Re-opening a share account: $25.00
Closing a share account within 30 days of opening: $5.00                                                                 Re active at ATM (due to NSF's):  $10.00


Nonsufficient funds item (each): $35.00
Nonsufficient funds ACH (each) $35.00
ACH-Notice of Change $5.00
Account balancing assistance (per hour) $10.00
Deposited checks returned unpaid: $30.00
Copy of statement: $5.00
Computer transfer of funds from savings account: $5.00 to share draft account (per transaction)
Stop payments-all items (not guaranteed for 24 hours): $20.00
Stop payment on cashier's check (must fill out affidavit): $30.00
Copy of draft: $5.00
Computer transfer of funds from overdraft protection: $3.00
loan to share draft account (per transaction): Check ordersVaries                                                   Re active at ATM (due to NSF's):  $10.00

Miscellaneous Fees:

Reset internet password (1 FREE a month): $1.00                                                                   Repeated Balance Checks (for account balances):   $3.00
Foreign Exchange Fee-actual amt. Passed on to mbr daily:
Return Mail Fee: $5.00
Typed Information Letter: $5.00
License plate stickers: $5.00 (plus $2.00 non member fee)
Levies: $29.00
Garnishments: $29.00
Collection Item: $29.00
Lien Release Letter: $5.00
Loan Cancellation Fee after 24 hours: $25.00
Refinancing of a Current Loan (no add on): $50.00
Overdraft Protection Loan Annual Fee: $30.00
Document Cancellation Fee/Member changed mind: $25.00                                                               

Home Equity Loan Closing Costs:  will vary (call for details)
Home Equity Loan Modification Fee: $250.00
Home Equity Products Subordination Fee: $75.00


Wire out domestic: $25.00
Wire out international: $44.00
Western Union: $20.00
*All wires must be done by 3:30pm


Opening a new ATM/Debit Card:   $5.00                                                                                           Opening a new ATM Card:   $5.00                                                                                                   Electronic fund transfers: $3.00
Foreign ATM withdrawal: $2.00
Withdrawal from DCCU ATM (After 6 free withdrawals): $2.00
ATM deposits: $2.00
POS/Denied transactions (per transaction): $0.50
Second card: $5.00
Lost/Stolen card replacement: $5.00
Overdraft fee: $35.00
*Other fees may apply 

Information sent by email is at risk of loss of confidentiality if the information is transmitted over the Internet.  We do not recommend sending confidential information such as social security or account numbers by email.  You can contact us directly at 815-758-4690.

Cardholders access to VISA credit card with the DeKalb County Credit Union:
Members to apply for a VISA credit card: Liberty Identity Theft Services.
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