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       Back by popular demand 


       3 MONTH        .20%        

       6 MONTH        .30%      

     12 MONTH        .40%


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    Santa’s on the run to get more presents!

         Want more $$$ for Christmas?

         We have it

      $1,200.00 for 

        12 months

         at 8%!




 You rates you can                                                                                                            gobble up

Just apply/approved for a secured loan, during the month
of NOVEMBER for a  new, used car, truck, motorcycle, boat,
watercraft even a snowmobile.

     Loan rates as low as


                Other discounts apply!
                 Call or stop in today.


        RATES AS LOW AS:


1-3 years old: 36 mon. 2.25%, 48 mon 2.25%


4-5 years old: 36 mon. 2.75%, 48 mon 2.95%


6-7 years old: 36 mon. 3.65%, 48 mon 3.85%


*Your rate will depend on your credit score, account 

  relationship with DCCU and collateral. 


              *Not all members will qualify.





  Take A Break

How does extra cash sound?

Back by popular demand take a

break from paying your loan

payment, servicing fee of

$30.00 per loan. 

November, December or January!

Loan must be in good standing/current

Credit Union Credit Card
Request one today!!

Ours offers:

Low Everyday APR on Purchases
Spending Flexibility
24x7 Fraud Protection
Superior Member Service
Earn rewards on purcahses towards exciting
merchandise and travel awards through ScoreCard.

Apply today, visit us at: or
call 1-888-415-6154


Keep us Update!!    


         Work #, Home #, or Cell #

E-Mail Address

If you recently changed your name

Please call us and update your account for the new year, (815) 758-4690.

You will need to come in to the credit union with proof of your new address. 



                       FREE Checking

            With No Minimum Balance Fees

                   & No Service Charge!

Switch your checking account to DeKalb County Credit Union

and you will see how simple it is and it can save you Time & Money!

   It’s FREE checking, plus all the extras!

• Free Debit/ATM card for members

• No Minimum Balance Required

• No Monthly Service Fee

• Convenient ATM

• Free Online Banking

*Free telephone banking

• Free Checks to members that are 55 years or older


Now available at the Credit Union for a small processing fee,

stop in today to purchase yours!! Great for graduations, birthdays,

anniversaries, any occasion..